APRIL 2024


IMAGINATOR is a multisensory, walk-through experience that houses a series of immersive art installations that celebrate imagination, technology and play. Enter IMAGINATOR, check your shoes in the departure lounge and be transported into a sensory play experience from the future.
Watch a thousand particles of light and sound surround you in the Light lines installations. Enter an immersive canopy of illuminated parachutes and take in pioneering digital artworks. Talk to the most advanced A.I on earth. Be completely consumed by a giant smoke and sound ring. Find your way through a digital maze or get lost in rich tones of the CHROMA room.

IMAGINATOR was specifically designed for both adult and child to experience together however there are multiple layers of meaning and different pathways allowing people of all ages to experience the wonder. Please note that some components of IMAGINATOR are designed specifically for children of school age.

The experience session time is 1 hour. You could take the whole hour to deeply engage with the experience or take a simple 15 minute stroll. There are spaces to sit and relax, interactive zones and play areas offering something unique depending on your mood.

Experiences of this nature can evoke differing responses in people with Autism but we have had very positive feedback from the Autistic community. People with varying degrees of Autism have responded favorably to the richness of the lighting installations and we’ve received numerous positive comments and emails about the suitability of the experience for people with Autism.