APRIL 2024


Standard Hours
Monday to Wednesday – Closed
Thurs 10am – 5pm
Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 10am – 7pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm
School & Public holidays
Sunday – Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday & Saturday 10am – 7pm

Gold Coast

There are several private and public car parks located within walking distance from IMAGINATOR Gold Coast. TheCypress Gardens Carpark is located directly across the road.

Private photography with family and friends and is welcome.

Corporate or commercial photography that requires professional equipment ( additional lighting, flashes etc )
and exclusive use of certain installations requires written permission from Management.

Please forward your request to

All guest entering IMAGINATOR will be asked to remove their shoes and will be given a new pair of complementary socks (if required). Shoes can be stored in our general access shelves. 

We offer a reduced rate of $20.00 per ticket for groups of 14 or more as well as 1 x complementary teacher/volunteer ticket per 20 students. 
Please email with the following information included and we’ll respond with session availability. 
Please confirm the following: 
  • School / community group: 
  • No of Students: 
  • No of Teachers/Parents:
  • Date: 
  • Session time: 

Where possible we advise that large bags and bulky belongings are avoided. Lost property will be stored at the box office. Please email

Prams of all shapes and sizes are welcome to be parked in the foyer of Imaginator, however we don’t recommend them being taken inside the exhibition.

Wheelchairs are welcome with clear paths and access for all.

Imaginator uses predominately soothing, slow pushing light and projections. One of the seven installations uses some rapid light movement but not strobing. If you have any concerns please email

Experiences of this nature can evoke differing responses in people with Autism but we have had very positive feedback from the Autistic community. People with varying degrees of Autism have responded favorably to the richness of the lighting installations and we’ve received numerous positive comments and emails about the suitability of the experience for people with Autism.

We understand that finding the right experiences for people with sensory 
sensitivity can be difficult and responses can vary greatly. What we’ve found is that most 
people with sensory issues have loved the experience due to its soothing sounds and 
rich colours.