IMAGINATOR represents a new form of immersive play where imagination and technology collide to create a stunning audiovisual play experience from the future.
IMAGINATOR was born out of a desire to create interesting and immersive spaces that are equally appealing to both adult and child. Founder and father of four, Nick Ennis lead a career in digital design and fashion before IMAGINATOR. Along with a love of electronic music and a futurist fascination he set about conceiving an experience that he could enjoy as much as his own children, something that was lacking in the didactic world of galleries and museums.
IMAGINATOR was designed to be a place that fostered intrigue, connection and play, somewhere visitors can break through the digital fog and engage with the present moment. The idea was simple and bold – To create art installations so immersive and engaging that visitors couldn’t be thinking about anything else but the awe of the moment before them. Whether its through creating a visceral experience of falling or the feeling of being consumed by digital art unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, the idea is to stop you in your tracks for a moment to say – WOW!
IMAGINATOR encourages visitors to approach technology mindfully. Whether seeking moments of introspection or deep, immersive play, the goal is to demonstrate a positive application of creative tech, inviting visitors to embrace it as a means to relax, unwind, and evoke a sense of wonder.
One of the surprising but very welcomed discoveries uncovered at IMAGINATOR is that those managing sensory issues associated with Autism, ADHD, OCD and Hyposensitivity find the experience remarkably calming, offering a sense of tranquility often elusive in their daily lives. This discovery has been overseen by Zach Ennis, the current Experience Manager at IMAGINATOR Gold Coast. Zach, a qualified School teacher, specialising in Technology studies now manages the Gold Coast Experience as well as organising group tours of all kinds.
Visitors can explore IMAGINATOR’s installations at their own pace, immersing themselves fully in the experience. Whether it’s an hour of deep engagement or a leisurely stroll, IMAGINATOR promises an unforgettable audiovisual journey.